Wednesday, 3 February 2010

So very 20th century

I found this in the magic cupboard.  
Tiny hexagons, roughly 1"/2.5 cm 
across.  I guess I dates to the early 
1980's and is made up with sample patchwork fabric squares.  The papers
and tacking are still in place.

Interestingly I can see I started a second row of blue, and the beginning of another motif.  Why did I stop?  Maybe I found out about cutting boards, quilters rulers and rotary cutters.  Who will ever know?

Another little treasure.  
A miniature Log Cabin Quilt.

Around the same date.   The blocks 
are about 2"/5cm square, with five
dark and light 'logs'.

And it is wadded and tie quilted.  At least this one is finished.


jude said...

oh! who knew you did stuff like this?

Angelcat said...

Lucky you, to have such treasures lurking in your cupboard :)

Koroneczka said...

Piękne prace! /Beautiful work! :)))

Anonymous said...

that first one is incredible!