Sunday, 28 February 2010

A slow start

It's grey and grim today - difficult to energize myself to do anything.
This, my dear readers is the extent of my stitching in the past three weeks.  A lovely bit of darning on my kurta, snagged on the seat of a rice boar.  Thread and needle courtesy of the hotel kit.  Possibly not my best example of the technique.   

I made a decision ages ago not to take any sewing with me, too many other things to do, like catching up with reading, keeping a journal and just doodling and looking.  I did notice a lady, in hot and steamy Goa, who was knitting.  Perhaps she was pre felting at the same time?  I once found myself in transit wearing a light wood jacket, the temperature and humidity at the airport felted the garment just nicely.

So, this morning I roughed out a design for the February Journal Quilt - well at least it is on paper before the end of the month.   Found a delicious piece of space dyed cloth, but decided it was too nice to cut into.  How crazy is that? Perhaps rational thought will return tomorrow, or may be I'll just get the dye pots out.

Next up, to sort out some Indian pixs for the blog

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mending is always good