Wednesday, 3 February 2010

putting it all together

On Monday evening I took a short workshops on Indian Applique.
It was especially great as I had been invited along to Happy
Patchers in Wimborne.   So many friends I had not seen for
ages -  as much catching up as sewing.

I have started on my rag book of Indian Applique.

Page 1

Lots of samples in files.  Time to get organised.
I have a book on various methods of attaching
shisha, and also one on kantha work.

Talking India - visa, air ticket, tick.  Time to
pack bag and go.  Keith and I are off to
southern India for just over two weeks
No particular plans, except that I want
to stand on the very tip of India where
three seas meet.   I am so looking forward
to a break.  January is usually very quiet.
Time for 'research and development'.
Not this year.  It has been hectic.

I think I have found a stitching project for
the quiet hours - applique to go.


jude said...

oh i'm jealous....

Julie said...

have fun!

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you for sharing this page.
Hope your trip is wonderful. Do you like to cook Indian food as well? I love curries.