Friday, 5 March 2010

Going South - Cochin

At last we turned right at Mumbai airport and headed south 
to Kerala.    This trip was more about relaxation after a hectic
 few months. Lots of soothing green vegetation, harbours, 
backwaters - eventually a golden beach in Goa.  No rushing 
around Rajasthan being bowled over with colour and textiles 
this time.  Just do nothing!  Hmmm.

Years ago we stayed at Bolgatty Palace,
Once the Residency of first the Dutch, then Portuguese 
and finally the British.  Then it was untouched, just as it was 
left in 1947.  Now it is definitely a 'resort'.  Very pleasant,
 with peeps of it's former glory.   Our 'honeymoon' cottage was 
still intact, minus the round bed.  Everything 'squared' off.

The tree still spreads over the balcony, looking
towards the Arabian sea.  Tranquil scene, with
boats like these gliding past.

Of course, there are the noisy tourist boats, and in the
evening the disco boats.  Oh yes, health and safety 
has reached India - all clad in bright orange life jackets.

Taking a ferry over to Fort Cochin is delightful, and there
time almost stands still.  The glorious Chinese Fishing Nets,
said to have been introduced by Marco Polo on his way
home from China.

Amazing mechanical spiders, they dip down into the sea,
by lowering and lifting these stone weights.

When the nets are lifted there is a general scramble
between birds and fishermen to gather up the catch.
Small fish and prawns mainly, which can be bought 
to have cooked at a local restaurant,  Yum.

Strolling through the old spice markets we found
The Ginger Factory - over 400 hundred years old,
The ginger is soaked in lime and left to dry in the
sun.  It is then pounded in to a powder to make
ayurvedic medicine, which I am sure will cure all  
ills, unfortunately it is only available in India!

another lane, eventually leading down
to the waterfront.

Now that's relaxing, isn't it?!!

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