Sunday, 7 March 2010

To Kanartaka

After five days chilling out in Kerala, we moved on to the next
 state, Kanartaka.  We hired a car and drove up and through the
Western Ghats. Magnificent.  An eye popping drive, through 
nine hairpin bends to get to the top of one mountain, and then
down again.   Cars, buses, lorries, and even a little rickshaw.

So lush you could almost hear the vegetation growing.

tea estate

coffee beans

a lake at the top of the mountain

Our final destination, Mysore.  A beautiful city, and
a visit to the market.

banana leaves wrapped in paper ready to
go - disposable dinner plates

of course, bananas, and there are so many
varieties and sizes.  Really yummy.

the garlic dance.  I often wondered who
broke up the garlic bulb, imagining ladies
sitting for hours, chatting away at this
task.  All is revealed.

Jasmin garlands

paint powder, for paper, body, and
Rangoli designs

roses and marigolds to make
into garlands


Eva said...

How lovely to look at these colors. And how I tried to buy such paints over here. Mysore doop -- a very good incense, I remember.

Lovely pictures!

Julie said...

I love the photo with the paint powders and the girl on the mobile...past and present colliding!