Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Mysore - Part 2

We had to decide what next to visit. High up on our list was 
Chamundi Hill.  The last time we were here we took the bus,
and returned to Mysore as guests of a party of Indians on
an outing.  How kind, no seats, so we sat, or squashed
ourselves next to the driver.  A hairy drive, suffice to say
if you were to walk to the top you would have to take the
1000 steps - it's a long way up, and down.  This time,
very sedately with car and driver.  The views from the
top are pretty amazing 

Sri Chamundeswari Temple

Walking past the temple we found the storeroom
full of festival kit.

including this wonderful elephant

Now to find the 5m high Nandi - Shiva's bull
vehicle.   I remember being overwhelmed with
the size last time, no railings then.  It glistened
with ghee and marigolds.  I wasn't disappointed.

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