Wednesday, 10 March 2010


A five hour drive to Mysore took us through Nagerhole National 
Park.  Two hours of 'jungle' - monkeys jumping about, small 
villages with at least one domestic elephant.  Flat roads, 
only interrupted by too many road bumps.  Huge teak trees,
majestic flowering bamboo plants.  Think upside down teepees.  
And so to Mysore.

We booked into Green Hotel.  Fabulous.  The main building is
a century old palace built for Wodeyar princess - we were in
the annex, our room was huge.  A truly eco hotel, everything
is sourced locally, and it donates profits to charity.

First off, forward plans.  We realised it was increasingly
difficult to arrange train tickets, etc.  Enter the Travel Desk
Man.  Our next stop South Goa.  He kindly tried to book
a car and driver for two days.  We already had spend too
much time in a car, so digging deep into pockets, we booked
a flight to Goa, and from there to Mumbai.  And relax.

Next stop Fabindia to replace my torn kurta and ripped
churidar - my I was having a good time!  Delicious supper
in the garden, and so to bed.

We had only one day in Mysore, but this was a return visit.
To make the most of our time we hired a car and driver.
Siriangapatham - Tipu Sultan's fort.  Not a lot left after
a battle with the Brits.  The Summer Palace, Darla Dulat
Barg just beautiful - no pictures please.

Travelling along the road I spotted this cart

The driver tells us that he can take us to the village where
they are made and painted.  Apparently this carts are much
sort after all over India.

The motifs painted and being 'lined' out. This brought
back images of my father.  As a young apprentice
he was taught this art.  As a child, after supper, 
the dining table often became his work station,
painting sign boards.  Holiday money. He also
 re-guilded the church clock - obviously this was
done on site!

The reverse side completed.   It seems the carts are
'limited editions'.   Several in the village have this design,
but I have the feeling after a certain amount have been
finished, another set of colourful motif are designed.

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