Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Applying myself

This week I have set aside to sorting out my workshop files and samples ready for a  busy summer.  There's a new one on the list, Indian Applique.

Some applique pieces gathered on my travels

No careful cutting cutting using a template with seam allowance.  Indian applique is more cut, fold, and stitch.  The centre panel above is quite simple, more complicated are the squares folded and cut as we would paper squares for snowflakes.

A chakla (square hanging) - appliqued mirrorwork squares, appliqued trees (of life?), applique borders.

A detail - open chain stitch around the borders of mirror work squares.  The tree looks like it has been worked from a synthetic satin, which must have been a beast to stitch.  The body of the tree is also embroidered.

Rabari dowery bag - a combination of stitched and applied motifs, with snazzy felt pom poms.

A detail - the top and bottom borders are applied, the side borders are stitched.  The size of the applique outline is approximately .05cm.   Astonishing.  


Eva said...

Wonderful work with the charms of irregularity. So much to learn from the techniques!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Nothing quite like free form applique, although it is sometimes difficult teaching 'proper' embroiderers to loosen up a bit and ;just do it'.

sandra wyman said...

Love these. Never had any problem with freeform applique, but I do have a friend who, when faced by it, just HAD to draw it all up first so she'd get it right!

Clare Wassermann said...

these are wonderful - so vibrant as well