Sunday, 7 March 2010

Slowly through the backwaters

We walked with our guide through a garden which was a living 
spice cupboard - pepper. nutmeg, curry leaves, cumin, vanilla, 
naming but a few, plus tea bushes and coffee plants.  Lush
and green.  Eventually to our rice boat and a morning just
drifting through the backwaters.

Life is simple here - or so it appears.

Glimpses of fields abundant with banana
groves, spiky pineapple plants.  In wider
parts Chinese fishing nets.   In the water
fish and snakes (non poisonous we were
told).  Above bright kingfishers, parrots,
tiny bright birds and raucous crows.

Coconut palms every where,  Along the
way ladies making coir 'string'.  The husks of
 the coconut are soaked to release the fibres.
   When dry they are gathered into a bundle
and wrapped in a corner of a sari.  
A handful is  rolled. attached to a
cording machine. The ladies walk
backwards, feeding the dried coir.

Coconut leaves are woven

Banana leaf mat and coir string

Note the stylish bicycle baskets

Not your usual family pet

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Eva said...

I wouldn't mind such a pet as my shopping helper.