Thursday, 11 March 2010

Beach Life

To Colva, South Goa, again a return visit.  A few years back 
we stayed at the Skylark, recently opened by Debbie and Snowkon. 
 It was 'basic' to say the least, but comfortable. We kept in touch 
for a while, so it was good to renew our acquaintance.  Well look 
at it now.   A transformation.

South Goa is more relaxed, less crowded, than North Goa, 
plenty of good sandy beaches to explore.  The Arabian Sea, 
whilst not turquoise, was deliciously warm. 

So we walked, sat on the beach, swam, read book(s)
and enjoyed the harvest of the seas for supper.

mending the nets

and away

a traditional boat 'stitched' together


beach boy with a god's head on a tray

and Sonya - more of her later

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