Thursday, 8 July 2010

Are you sitting comfortably?

Summer Saturday workshops start this weekend.   
New chairs needed - tick.  They are wood and fold
flat for storage, perfect.   Cushions needed.

We were once a quilt

Keith was more than a little surprised when he found
me chopping up a quilt.   It was made last century
and has spent most of it's life on a shelf.   Now it is
reborn into four cushions.  I like them very much.

From the stash

First attempts at deconstructed screen printing.
Lots of lessons learnt.  Thickened dyes on cotton
fabric result in paler colours.   Over dyed, not
good.  Over dyed again, better.  Thermofax
screen prints - black and gold.  Result - ok'sh.


So, this fabric has found it's time (and there's more!).
Although it is cotton it proved too difficult to quilt.
To many processes I guess, and two layers of
textile paint didn't help.   Nice cushions though.

1 comment:

Rayna said...

Ok, Tiggy, let's talk about deconstructed screen printing. Your colors on cotton shouldn't be pale (paler than what??). E-mail me and let's figure out why.
Did you use enough dye in the print paste? Did you use soda ash in the clear paste you deconstructed with? Did you steam? At any rate, I think these cushions look great.