Thursday, 15 July 2010


but now, not grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.   As I uploaded my
 pix a telephone call resolved the matter. 
 A couple of months ago I took a workshop in 
The Twilight Zone, teaching teachers at 
a local school.   The Accounts Department
of the County Council declared me as not
self employed and would deduct tax.
Hackles raised, two phone calls later, after
stating my case, I won!  Hurrah, not only
for me but all those other artists who
take workshops in schools.  I love 
working with children, but the hoops
we have to go through, unbelievable.

So, to calm my mind I dyed some threads.
Now drying outside in a gale.

Then, to clean my hands, I made a felted soap
and some felt balls

Calm and peace restored.

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Patty said...

Love the flying colors!