Monday, 26 July 2010

Reasons to be cheerful

Babs came along to the workshop on Saturday 
bearing gifts.  Some pipes for pole wrapping, a
delicious home grown cucumber, and this.....

a dactura (Angel trumpet) grown from seed.   
This made me very happy.  I have tried over the
years to grow dactura without success.  Today
it is very humid and I swear I could see
it opening.

Jasmine winds through the wisteria on the balcony rail.
On warm evenings we eat here and the scent reminds
me of India.

A big lilly flower.  Beautiful scent. The stem is
 about a metre high with six flower heads.  
 The hover flies are loving it.

Finally, me and Mr. Ben. 

Now to pack for a two day Indigo workshop with
Chichester Quilters tomorrow.  It's going to be 
great.  Perfect weather for dipping the blues.


Rayna said...

Tiggy, Ben is too cute!! It made me smile just to look at this picture. Best reason in the world to be cheerful!

fabriquefantastique said...

Nice blog....interesting, easy to read add a nice sense of you and place. I'm your latest follower.