Saturday, 31 July 2010

Almost On the Road Again

A wonderful two days of indigo dyeing in Chichester.   
Weather perfect. A mad scientist afternoon making
iron water to enhance the blue and potassium 
permangnate for colour stripping.  No photos, too
busy doing!   

Detail of Blue Moon Quilt - recycled, renewed.
Gathered 'found' white fabrics - dyed, wax resist
and over dyed.

Two days to go before setting up the exhibition in
Bridport.   Ten quilts to hang, new and 'golden
oldies'.   A few Journal Quilts on stretched 
canvas frames and velvet scarves.  All ready 
to go, except there is one more baton needed.  
I never seem to have just the right ones, probably 
because I have recycled the longer ones.  

That's us!

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