Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Time out

Well, for a couple of days anyway.  Time to
tidy up workroom, sort out paper work, even
consider domestic duties. Oh, no!

A good clear out of cupboards today - just
amazing how 'stuff' accumulates.  I find I
have a big bin full of rubbish, with little
sign of extra space.  Life was ever thus.

I found this photo, taken in the late '50's

it appears and disappears
I'm the dark haired one in the middle
a play based on an Indian story

I am often asked why I am so obsessed with
India.   It was all down to an inspirational
teacher.   My first two years at school were
idyllic.  Living by the seaside we explored
beaches and marshes, looked after the
school's vegetable plot and generally
enjoyed freedom and nature.  Maths, 
English, reading - nada.  Along came
Miss Carter. She grew up in India and told
such wonderful tales - I was spellbound. 
Still am.   And she had me seriously
reading within weeks - another obsession!

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