Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Lost Fragments

My horoscope for today tells me that a gathering of lost
fragments allows you to connect to your higher self.  My
workroom is littered with fragments, lost or otherwise.

On my "to do list" for today is to complete two Journal
Quilts to meet the deadline.  Over the summer I collected
sketches and ideas for said quilts, well there's one set
of fragments.

Blue Pithoi

With remembrances of sunny days
in Santorini,  Blue skies and turquoise 
seas.  Museum full of pithoi and
fragments of wall paintings.

Bundi Bird

Looking into the file of pieces from the
mixed media workshop I took with
Cas Holmes at summer school.
More fragments. Images of Jodpur,
a piece of tissue with an embroidery
pattern found in Udiapur.   Fabric
buttons, who knows where they
came from.  Then the Bundi Bird, one
of several to be found on wall paintings
in the Palace at Bundi Rajasthan.

Time for lunch, and then to tackle the
seriously lost and found on the
workroom floor,


jude said...

lost and found is my life

Anonymous said...

Please do post the finished pieces. The best of all worlds would be some pics of works in progress.

leilani said...

I never leave anonymous comments. Don't know what happened.

Tiggy Raw;omg said...

Leilani, work in progress happens quickly with these small quilts (7x10). Making notes and sketches as ideas came to me - it's been a bit busy around here. Eventually having some time, completing them it was all a bit of a whirl. Each one finished in around three hours. Not much to photograph - they are only 'sketches' which might,or not, lead to larger work.

Tiggy said...

Opps, fat fingers and blogger is making me sign in!