Monday, 30 August 2010

Jambo Kenya

The last of the summer events for families at Walford Mill.
They say travels broadens the mind, so I had to delve into
African/Kenyan images - printing fabric for flags.

On Saturday I had a real play day making stamps.
Recycled foam board (knew it would come in handy)
and sticky backed thin craft foam found in a charity shop.
Elephants, lizards, jungle leave and flowers, symbols, etc.

They all worked like a dream, even after being covered
in acrylic paint, twice.   Over fifty flags printed in two
45 minute workshops.   Oh, we did have fun, and the
sun was shining, an added bonus after the last two
weeks of rain.

Here are a few prints

My favorite

The stamps have been washed one more time.
I have scrubbed up, kicked my shoes off
and might just have to have a glass of red,
and relax.


Clare Wassermann said...

what wonderful stamps - I'm on the look out for that foam - you're the third person today to be talking about it!!!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Clare, that foam is brilliant. I used a scalpel to cut the stamps. Worked a treat. On the foam that wasn't 'sticky backed' a Uhu glue stick did the job - to my surprise it didn't lift off!