Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Another washing line

Yesterday, Tuesday, dawned dull stormy and cold.
Not an indigo day at all.  Fortunately the children's
workshop was today, altogether better weatherwise.
It was warmish, with a little rain.  As we were in a
marquee, busily preparing t shirts, and the washing
line sheltered by trees, it mattered not a jot.

Eleven children kept me and Sarah my helper,
very busy, what with supervising various resists
and attending to two buckets of indigo.

I love the surprise and amazement when the
t shirts come out of the vat and are not blue,
then watching the change before their very eyes.

Photographs almost an impossibility!  
There were t's on washing lines, over bushes 
and laid on the grass.   Here's a couple of pix 
I managed to grab.

The usual method is elastic bands, with or without
chickpeas, t shirt on left.   The other has actually
been bound with string, which I think was pretty
good and not the easiest option.

Left t shirt over dyed olive green.  It looked great, and
the olive green stitching, which didn't take the dye,
toned in nicely.   The blue polo shirt fabulous -
note detail of circle in the middle of the pocket!

My last indigo workshop in the conservatory, 
possibly with the aid of The Big Shed is 
on Saturday.  Sun dance everybody, please!

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