Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hurrah for The Big Shed

So far this summer my workshops have been
blessed with sunshine.  Not so today - and it's
indigo.  Oh, no!   It poured down during the 
night and first thing this morning, with the 
promise of a dry afternoon and some sun.

Big shed to the rescue.  Work still in progress, but it has 
a roof.   This is possibly the first time I have taken over
a new space that is still being built.   Indigo vats at the
end of the day, sitting in black buckets with hot water
to keep them going.

Some photos from the washing line

Catherine's batik with a springy egg cup - nice

Spooky clamping - pegs and bulldog clips
by Chris

Jill's stitched resist

As I write the heavens have opened, torrential rain
and it is cold.   Fingers crossed for Tuesday, another
indigo day with children, and the forecast is not good!

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fabriquefantastique said...

Iv'e always wanted to dye and you seem to be having so much fun...inspiring