Wednesday, 14 March 2012


shibori dandelions from my sample book

Gilli of  has posted pix showing the wonderful
shibori pieces she created at Saturday's workshop.   All those little bundles that left the
house now revealed.   You might like to take a look.

Thank you Gilli.


Radka said...

Fantastic result, Tiggy! I love the colours.
I have just followed your link to Gilli's blog. Did I say somewhere I should stick just to one thing? LOL

Tiggy Rawling said...


maria said...

Tiggy, What can I say but thank you for a truly wonderful day, Could not have wished for a more exciting day, trying out all the different ways types of folding and stitching .
The results were amazing, each one opened to give such an amazing piece of fabric.
I also have the most wonderful selection of threads.
So thanks again Tiggy from Maria and the girls.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Maria. Thank you. So pleased the reveal was colourfully gorgeous! Worth all that stitching, binding, wrapping etc!