Sunday, 11 March 2012


or, rather, a detail of a flag folded sample
demonstrated at yesterday's Shibori Workshop

The thing is you never know exactly what will appear when
the cloth is opened out.   This piece reminds me of looking
through a kaleidoscope, and the colours of the spring
flowers appearing in the garden

Maria, Gilli, Liz and Lyn tied, stitched, wrapped and clamped
in a wild frenzy.   They each opened one piece, just to see,
at the end of the workshop. Fantastic results.   As ever, too busy 
to take photos!  

It was a good spring sun shiny day, full of fun, laughter and
colour - what more could you ask for?


Anonymous said...

We all had such a wonderful day - thank you, thank you - seems inadequate somehow. Just as a laugh for you - the car got stuck in mud down a lane, after having to pull over for another driver - had to get out and push ;-)

Tiggy Rawling said...

Oh dear, not quite a perfect end to a lovely day!
Hope the other driver gave you a hand.