Tuesday, 6 March 2012

something nice to look at

which is more than I can say for most
of this week

the washing machine has broken down
it was going to be fixed tomorrow
the man has a cold, delayed til Monday

a trip to the laundrette is needed to deal with 
the large pile of washing that has accumulated
over the week   Nic and the Paper Cinema have
landed after a successful three week run at
Battersea Arts Centre - see side bar - even
more washing and finding space for 
Paper Cinema paraphernalia

group project on hold see above
managed to dyed thread - which was good

too cold this week for the hopeful indigo vat

on the other hand, my man took me out
to the cinema to see The Most Exotic Marigold
Hotel - set in Rajasthan with a stellar cast
brilliant  celebrated with a bar of chocolate
we stayed in the haveli a couple of years 
ago, two days after they finished filming
amazed at the transformation
should you go along to see the file you might
like to take a peep at Keith's website and
check out his photo's of Rajasthan and
Ravla, Khempur - the Most Exotic etc.

time for a glass of red

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