Sunday, 18 March 2012

early morning walk

Mother's Day was celebrated on Tuesday as Nic, Will and little Ben were staying 
with us.  A big bunch of lilies, now open and smelling gorgeous. A trip on Sandbanks 
Ferry to Studland.   It was autumn cold.  A brief walk on the beach before lunch at The Banks Arms where we warmed ourselves by the open fire.  

Today dawned sun shiny bright so down to Sandbanks early, only a few dog walkers at 8.00am.   The sun was deliciously warm.   

piles of shells

flowers for Mother's Day

On Monday I took a workshop at Hansons Fabrics  in Sturminster
Newton.   The Dorset countryside looked just gorgeous, decked
 out in the colours of Spring.

There were ten lovely students, who all managed to get a good 
way on the embroidery, learnt to stitch shisha mirrors with my
failsafe way so they don't fall out!   They left with instructions on
 finishing and making up the Book Bag.   Radka has completed
her bag and it looks great.  You can see it here.

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Radka said...

Thank you, Tiggy! I really enjoyed your workshop and I love my bag.