Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February Journal Quilt


an explanation, rumal is Hindi for handkerchief
used by Sikh men to cover hair
also by Thugees (just love that word), with a coin
tied at one corner, as a method of strangulation
(probably too much information)

I used a rather lovely lawn handkerchief once belonging to a
great aunt.  Dyed with turquoise and lemon yellow.   Out with
the batik wax pot and an ear plug, courtesy of British Airways,
to stamp circles.    Thoughts of bandani tie dye,  and
bandana scarves.   On close inspection the original 
embroidered flowers can be discerned in one corner

Free machine stitched petals, with addition of gold centre

I hope the original owner would have approved!!!


Els said...

Those colours are smashing !!!!
(too good now to blow your nose in ;-) ....)

Radka said...

Lets have more info on the coin, LOL!
I like your tools :-))
Very nice result.