Saturday, 2 February 2013

glorious mess

At last the dye pots are out again, and I have had fun.   The last time I did any dyeing
was at the end of October.   A colourfest required. 

A beautiful sunny day, but oh, so cold!    The conservatory/wet room is like a freezer, spent just enough time out there to make up my dye stock and soda ash solution.  Next up covering my work table ready for dyeing.    Today a bunch of threads, to add to my depleted stock.

the scene at lunch time - bundles of dyed thread wrapped
in cling film to batch under the table by the radiator

nice colour combo 
using the dribs and drabs in the palette

All is tidy and put away.   Now to carry on quilting listening
to the play on the radio - and tomorrow morning the
unwrapping of the bundles

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ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

What lovely, rich colours!