Wednesday, 20 February 2013

flying the flag

First workshops of 2013 start this week,    Half term activity time, 
mini Art Workshops held at two different schools, and they are 'drop in'.   
A bit of a shock to the system!

I spent most of Monday in preparation, having to guess how many children
would participate.   Tuesday I found out!  It was non stop, dyeing fun.
Amazingly, not too much mess.     

On a rough count 60 plus children went home with their little bundle of
dyed cloth, washing instructions and a flag stick.

I had three patterns to choose from as, from experience, too much 
selection causes confusion and a great deal of thinking what to do. 
To keep it simple, the fabric is folded to produce the different designs.

flag 1 - pleated and bound with rubber bands

 flag 2 - a swirl

flag 3 - flag fold

an orphan flag
wrapped in paper, unnamed and unclaimed
it's gorgeous!

I was so tired after my six hour stint I left all the messy pots
and sponge brushes until this morning.    I've repacked, ready
for another workshop tomorrow.

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