Monday, 11 February 2013

It's Journal Quilt time

Last year I had to dip out of the Contemporary Quilt Group's Journal Quilt 
Challenge.   Life had become too complicated.   I missed making those
little quilts.   A chance to 'play', try out new techniques, some work and
some don't!    

This year we had to choose a theme, which I found difficult.  I guess I
don't like being tied down, although it is a good discipline!   My theme
is recycling.    I am going to be using up my hoard of ancient fabrics,
mainly inherited and languishing in a very big box.   Victoria and Edwardian
tablecloths, lace, and, well not sure what I will do with these, a pair of
very voluminous bloomers!   Then there are the found objects etc. etc.

Here is my January Journal Quilt

dust sheet


It references the fate of many old quilts in the days of yore,
when they were not loved or appreciated.   Tales of finds
in garages and barns, or being used as dust sheets.

My background fabric is a scrap with the imprint of rust nails.
The hexagon fragments comes from a 'grandmother's garden'
quilt made, but never finished, with samples from Strawberry 
Fayre, c. 1985.    All assembled, quilted from the back, with
the addition of very loopy French knots.    Then I splattered
and printed with paint.   Very satisfying,

And so very non-Virgo!   

Oh, I have a new follower!  Welcome Chloe.

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