Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The drive to Udaipur only three hours, no rush, time for a leisurely breakfast.
We would be there to celebrate Holi.

a fellow traveller

stops for chai  
monkeys making a road block near Rankapur
nobody would disturb them
an old lady insisted we bought two small pots for the grand price of 80 rupees
an old man got cross 'cos they should only be 20 rupees each
80 rupees = £1.00

Back in Udaipur we puchased cheap white outfits as our canvas for Holi.

Come the day, we donned our whites and covered exposed skin with baby oil.
I added a turban to my outfit.   The fun starts around 10 am and finishes around noon.

Oh my goodness, off we went.  What to expect?   Already there are signs of coloured 
powder everywhere.   Our first greeting of Happy Holi was very civilised.   A pat of colour on both cheeks, the neck and a big pat on the back.   And so it went on, everyone very Holi Happy.    Once we arrived at the temple the fun really began,  coloured powders in the air,
a great deal of laughter, and some very colourful  people.

Keith pretty in pink

and myself back in Lake Pichola Hotel
now to try to clean ourselves up
we tried to contain the mess in the bathroom
put our cloths in bags but the evidence was
there  the shower curtain turned a lovely colour
amazingly the baby oil worked and most of the
powder washed off, except for Keith's hair
and scalp  which looked as though it belonged
to a faded parrot

We had been told by well intentioned folk that it might be a good idea just
to stay in the hotel and watch from the roof!  We really enjoyed ourselves,
so glad we didn't take that advice.

Later in the day we walked around the old part of town.  There was much
washing and cleaning going on and surprisingly hardly any sign of the
mayhem of the morning. 

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