Thursday, 11 April 2013

to Bhadrajun

 Early start, travelling north to the small town of Bhadrajun.   Through the country side 
on single, but good, roads.    No lorries, mainly tractors, cars, and motorbikes, one being driven by Hanuman the Monkey God.   We were so surprised, but then as is often said 
by Samshu 'this is India'.

Flat fertile land, with the occasional mountain in the distance.  As many goat and sheep 
as you would wish to see.  Flamingos and cranes, camels both wild and domestic.

We passed through small villages, everyone very friendly and helpful when we asked the way.    Look, these lovely ladies are wearing ghaggra/skirts made from Balotra block printed fabric.   

The print denotes they are married women whose husband is still alive. A border is 
added to the hem.   This plain strip, with slim yellow piping was once appreciated 
as the traditional symbol of married women in Rajasthan.

They were delightful.  Although we had little common language they understood my 
mime, indicating the lovely swirl of their ghaggra, and we all had a good giggle.    
Can you imagine, a whole ten metres of cloth is deemed sufficient to make a skirt.

Eventually we reach Bhadrajun Fort, sitting nicely at the foot of a hill.

It's small, friendly and still the family home of Raja Gopal Singh.   We were welcomed and took lunch, rather disturbingly surrounded with photographs showing dead animals.  Hmmm.  Still that was then and this is now.

A rest and stroll through the small village, which seems deserted.  We learn that all the houses are new, most people work in the small town below, returning to the village in
the evening.   A baori/step well with turtles and frogs.   Ruins of the original fort walls.   Keith stopped for a game of cricket with village boys.    

At supper we were joined by our host.   A charming gentleman, who told us the history of the Fort and surrounding area.    On hearing our quest, he kindly gave us a letter of introduction to help us, once we arrived in Balotra.

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Chloe G said...

Lovely pics and great to travel with you to India, thank you! Colour everywhere, fantastic! Enjoy your travels :-)