Wednesday, 24 April 2013

On the road to Udaipur

After the delights of Balotra we headed back south, stopping over night
at The Royal Palace, Ghanerao,

 the main gate

the view from the roof

A totally lazy day for me.   Keith went leopard hunting with a group of friends,
on foot, accompanied by two guides, a young boy with stick and a man on a bicycle.   
A leopard came down from a hill looking for supper, probably a goat or farm dog.
Photos taken before a hasty retreat.

Meanwhile I spent time on out balcony catching up with my journal and reading.I did have a visitor, a civet cat.  Not sure who was more surprised.   It had come down from the roof.   We looked at each other, then it jumped to the next ledge.   Keith was a tad disappointed to hear I had no photographic evidence!

The camera did come out to record some of the lovely textiles in the room.

patchwork cushion 


applique diamonds, patched centre block
with the tiniest sawtooth points

on the wall behind our bed a marvellous wall hanging
cut work applique, it sparkled with sequins and mirrors

really difficult to photograph and too big for me
to manhandle, so a few details

and finally a lovely old textile slowly fading away

the background looks like linen
the outline of the shapes is stitched with a cotton thread
the petals a closed herring bone stitch in silk or rayon
the threads are worn away in places

only the outline stitches are left

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