Wednesday, 24 April 2013

last day in the sun

So we have one day left to have a wander around town before we fly home

There is always something new to see.   Udaipur is known for it's Art Schools, painting miniatures in the Mugal style.  We found one artist who has been employed by a very rich man to paint the outside wall of his house.

I just love these trees

I was snapped purchasing a pot for dyeing
I can't resist the pots and pans shop
as for the shop selling tin trunks!

A delicious meal on the roof restaurant, savouring the food, the view,
and the warmth of the evening.   

We have seen the weather forecast for UK and I think I would
rather be in India!

Time line - 31 March 2013
I've been busy since my return
more on my next blog!

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