Monday, 22 July 2013


The Messy Day workshop on Saturday was a challenge.   I made gelatin plates for every one.  Thankfully there were two extra in the fridge.    Did you know that they can melt in the sun?    We were in shade, with the fan on, and it was kind of hot(!).  As a result the plates became ever so slightly more wobbly than they should have been.

Very good exercise for me, up and down stairs to the fridge.  Within half an hour or so, lovely solid  gelatin again.   Oh, lovely prints.   To busy to take photos.   

It's about a year since I last made gelatin plates, and since then I have acquired a Gelli Printing Plate.   Students asked me why bother when you can purchase a printing plate?  Apart from the expense, making the plate from gelatin powder is not difficult.   Another plus, it is so organic, developing scratches and marks.  Then there are the 'death cracks' or near deconstructed plates, all offering unintentional design possibilities.

There was some printing using a silk screen with flour and water paste, then making small samples of laminated paper.      

Oh, the joy of our unpredictable weather.  Hard to believe that a month ago I was battling wind and rain, erecting the gazebo at the back of a village hall for an indigo workshop.  Still
it keeps you on your toes!

Saturday is another indigo day with possibly tropical conditions.  Hey ho!

One I made earlier, like two years ago!
Note to self.   Do more!  It's great creative fun,
and my students produced some wonderful 
prints.    Think I will wait to make my gelatin
plate until it is a little cooler.

Time for a cup of tea in a shady room.

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