Monday, 29 July 2013

The indigo workshop was very one to one, in fact lots of ones - one cancellation and one no show.   Never mind, it was an 'extra' day since both other indigo workshops are full.  

Catherine and I had a brilliant time.  We spread out, the batik pot on one table, shibori things on another.    The gazebo erected to shield us from the sun/monsoon downpours.
Hot and steamy the vat was wonderful.

I had time to prepare some pieces and a pleated pole wrap.   I took photos of the process.

 wrapped and pleated cloth

second dip - the cloth is changing colour  - love the green

third dip, and this time I am manipulating the vat so the fabric at
the bottom of the pole connects with the indigo  
two more dips and it's done

Time to take more photos of cloth on the line.    Oops, too late the heavens opened.

good timing though, half an hour before the end of the workshop
fortunately most of the dyed cloth was under the gazebo
only a little run into the house

pleated pole wrap washed and ironed


eventually this piece is destined for my Indigo Shop
size 21" x 44" -   54cm x 125cm
if you are interested, mail me

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