Friday, 12 July 2013

The indigo workshop last Saturday was absolutely brilliant.     The vat was warm and delicious.   Students dyed yards of cloth.  I promised to take photos, oops to busy having fun, and I am a little cross with myself!

Will and Ben arrived late afternoon.  Later after tidying up, we enjoyed supper on the balcony.   So nice to sit outside on a summer's evening.

Up early to drive to Portland Bill.   Will was taking part in the 10k race.   With temps up to 24c and the course involving hills I had nothing but admiration for all the runners.

ready for the off

After the race we stopped off at Chesil beach for an ice cream, then back home for a roast  chicken dinner.   Crazy choice given the weather!   Ben provided the new potatoes and sugar snap peas he planted in our vegetable plot.     Of course, we had to watch the gentlemen's final at Wimbledon.   Great cheers on his win.

I revived the indigo vat.   Time to introduce Ben the wonders of dyeing his own t shirts.

First he had to do a magic dance

first dip - a great deal of concentration going on here

 second dip

Will and Ben at the reveal
that was great fun, and lovely to watch Ben's face
when the t shirt was opened out

suspect the Procion dyes will be out for his next visit

decisions, decisions - what to wear?

I've been taking it easy this week, enjoying the warmth,  tending to the garden,  a little shibori on cloth to be dyed with ferrous sulphate (rust), and some to be given the Black K salt treatment tomorrow.       Then may be more shibori under the sun, it's such perfect indigo weather, must take advantage of it!

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