Sunday, 22 December 2013

from the silk rag bag

The sun is shining -  quick, quick, take photographs of the December Journal Quilt!

Christmas baubles

a little seasonal offering

background, cream dupion silk machine quilted
I think it looks like anagylpta wallpaper!

the baubles have layers of silk bits, covered with
turquoise silk circle - stitched, and the channels slashed
very raggy texture with little bits of colour showing through

ah, made the deadline

there were times when I almost gave up
especially in the summer months, busy
with workshops, and then taking time out

so, I can tick that box - job done


Gill said...

Fabulous - I love this!

Radka said...

Wow, I always get ideas reading your blog :-) All I need now it the time to do something about it!