Monday, 2 December 2013

last wander

We had to prepare a parcel to send home.   With only a 15kg luggage allowance there was no way my metres of fabric, plus two large white applique bedspreads (to be transformed into curtains) and other little purchases (!) would fit into the suitcases.

First all had to be pack securely into a plastic bag, sealed with tape to make it strong and secure, then to the parcel maker

wrapped in calico, stitched and sealed with wax
to the Post Office where many forms have to be filled
the address added, forms attached, and off it goes
with any luck it should arrive before Christmas!

we walked past a photo gallery, as we have done many times the owner invited us in to  look at his photographs and prints, then suggested we might like to see an exhibition of his work. Through back streets, up winding lanes, we came to the Madri Havel.    Over 300 years old, it has been restored sympathetically, usual traditional materials.   The view from the roof is panoramic and the rooms just gorgeous

Our friend Ilyas had received a new batch of wooden print blocks

to late to put in the parcel - maybe I could squash some into my 
hand luggage?   Of course I could!

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Gill said...

You have to bring some of those fabulous printing blocks home!!