Saturday, 28 December 2013

stormy weather

There was a window in the stormy weather this morning, so we took ourselves off to Portland Bill.     A good walk, with the chance to see some unexpected winter visitors of the feathered kind which had been blown across the Atlantic.

The country side bore evidence of the gales before Christmas.   Several trees down, fields turned into lakes and debris everywhere.   The sun was shining, although to the west we could see rain clouds gathering.

We stopped at The Fleet, Weymouth.   Lots of 'birders' were searching the shore for our visitors.    Well wrapped up, we strolled along to see what we could see.   Nothing unusual.

The top of the pebble bank at this end of Chessil Beach was covered with driftwood and,
sadly, lots of plastic rubbish.      We wandered up to the top to see the rain clouds were approaching from the west in a very dramatic way.

A retreat to the car seemed a sensible option.  By the time we got there the rain had turned to hail.    I did drag down two splendid pieces of driftwood, too big to get into the boot.  My man was very heroic, removing the shelf so my treasures could fit.   In the process Keith was soaked, and the inside of the car looked like a snow globe.

The storm passed over very quickly.   This is Weymouth harbour to the east.

The sun was shining by the time we drove to Portland. 

Portland Bill lighthouse

It's always an exciting place to be, whatever the weather.     The sea was calm but rolling. sending waves crashing into the rocks.    Herring gulls wheeled in the sky and guillemots dived into the sea.    Two big ships were glinting in the sun under dark blue clouds.   No sight of Atlantic visitors this time.

We sploshed through the muddy ground, had a good blow, then decided it was time to go home for a bowl of warming soup.

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