Monday, 2 December 2013

meetings on the road

images of fellow travellers

a detour from Ghanerao to visit a dam - checking out
birds and a possible future fishing venue
I made myself comfortable, enjoyed the surrounding
countryside and was joined by a local farmer
as Mark Tulley says - you're never alone in India
we had a conversation of sorts but he really wanted
his photograph taken   he was a very happy man
and I have a theory that most photographs are for
official purposes which require a serious face

the durry man giving a demonstration on turban tying
before rushing us off to see the weaving

the durry is in the sun  the weaver is hidden in shadow

looking the other way into the light

amazing horns

elephant gate and sleeping dog

time for chai so we could get some photos of a caravan of tribals
on the move with donkeys carrying little kids in bags

the ladies were in charge of this section

bring up the rear, the men  with the goats

best I can do, they will keep moving

the joys of being on the road in India!

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