Monday, 3 November 2014

Danta, Gujarat

We set off early from Udaipur, along the Abu Road to the Gujarat border.   The first part of our journey was along really good roads, then not so good!

We passed Amberji famous for it's temple dedicated to the goddess Durga.   Being Diwali the town was crowded with visitors visiting the temple.  Soon we were in the countryside again driving up and down hill with rivers and lakes either side.

Danta is a small town, we stayed at Bhanvani Villa, a heritage home.   Our hosts were most welcoming making us feel truly 'at home'.   The food was so good, traditional Gujarati fare.

A visit to an Adivasi village proved enlightening.    They are allowed to clear a part of the forest to live and farm on.  One outcome of this policy is that, over the years, so much jungle has been cleared the leopards and tigers no longer exist in this area.  

Adivarsi ladies selling their produce at Danta market


Our two days here passed very quickly.   There were walks in the jungle bird watching.  At the end of the day, afternoon tea in the garden of the farm, sitting with the family as the sun set.   Watching the beautiful Mewar horses trotting to their night quarters, the cows content in their sheds,  walking the fields listening to nature.  Perfect.   

Another visit to a Rabari village, tucked away in the countryside.  It was the end of the day

pink horns and pink goats - decorated for Diwali

the goats are home and hungry
the sheep are on their way
every day they are taken to find food in the countryside

fodder has been gathered

time to relax

and I'll close this post now, hoping it will get through
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