Wednesday, 12 November 2014


it was time to say goodbye to the Gujarat country side and head back to Udaipur 

no more rural scenes like this

a group of Rabari on the road to the next camp
camels and donkeys carrying all their worldly goods
sheep and goats following on behind

For us it was National Highway No 8 to Udaipur, a five hour journey with a couple of breaks for chai and then lunch.   At one dhaba we watched astonished as fourteen people emerged from the inside of a 4x4, another four passengers on top, plus luggage.

The road cuts through the Aravalli Hills, all ups and downs.   Lorries drivers choose any lane they fancy and since they have huge heavy loads the likelihood of them changing lanes is remote.     On long steep hills they hardly move, just slowly chug to the top.   Small cars take scary chances and weave in and out.   Not all complete their journey, we witnessed a couple of horrible accidents.    Sadly, many drivers think they are invincible.

only five days left before we leave Udaipur

the one thing I really miss is proper coffee -  first stop, Ginger Cafe and Bakery
where they serve a jolly good expresso and rather nice pastries!    

it's a nice place to relax by the cool of the lake   right now the outside sitting area 
is restricted!    the flower pots marks the normal height of the water
of course there is the option of a little paddle!

 Lake Palace Hotel in the centre and on the left Lake Pichola Hotel

we celebrated out 45th wedding anniversary on 1 November

supper at Upre on the roof of the hotel

photo taken by one of the 'boys'
I think it captures a moment of laughter and fun

a chocolate cake with a firework candle
in the background you can see the lights of the Palace

we were upgraded to the Rani Suite
hugh room with two balcony windows looking out on to the lake  in one 
swing seat and the other mattresses and bolster cushions to lounge on
while we were having supper the boys had been busy,  the floor 
was covered in rose petals    they also decorated the bed  with rose
petals in the form of a heart - ahh, so romantic!

the last few days passed very quickly, just relaxing, having suppers with 
friends,   a little shopping  - eventually came the day to pack the suitcases
it's always sad to leave, but already we are making plans to return in February!

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