Monday, 10 November 2014

Home again

I'm starting at the end of our travels!   We took the over night train down to Mumbai, arriving at 6 am.   Already it was hot with high humidity.  We stay at the Sea Palace Hotel, just down the road from The Taj.  It's right on the water front so has the benefit of a sea breeze, such as it was.

Two days in a sauna!    A little shopping of course.   The Museum of Modern Art has a fantastic exhibition - Love and the Goddess.  Music from the time of creation of the world, from the womb,  and birth.  Upstairs there were interactive exhibits.  A stroke here, buttons to press, objects to move, all producing wonderful sounds.   Two chairs to sit on and we made music through our hands.   Mustn't forget the musical chairs (with applique cushions) each one played a different cord.     Then a chance to play on bamboo xylophones.   I really liked that.

Actually it was a relief to get into an air con taxi to the airport!    The new Mumbai airport is lovely, and we are thinking that perhaps we might give the town a miss on our next visit.

I have updated my last post with the missing picture of the Adivarsi ladies at the market.
Oh, the joy of just tapping away and downing loading pictures instantly!  

Time for lunch, after that I'll catch up where I left off, somewhere in Gujarat.

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