Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Wagwam Part 2

I forgot to mention the Snake Man!   Fortunately, or not, Keith took photos, plus some of the embroidery ladies, shopping with my men, and a close up of the sewing machine.

The Snake Man joined us at Mr. Green's house.  He saves snakes that are in the wrong places and returns them to the wild.   We looked it his photos of cobras, pythons and other slithery customers, and yes he has been bitten!

When at the farm he appeared with a large tin box, inside a rat snake.

The Snake Man, me, Mr. Singh and Samshu, plus snake
I have no fear of snakes, but as it was very long and wriggly
I couldn't quite bring myself to hold alone, so opted for a
joint hold!   It was soft and silky and very pleasant to touch.

released back to nature - happy snake

the embroidery ladies

bed covers stitched on medium weight cotton and embroidered with
a thick cotton  Grandma is working on the red one and can finish 
a bed cover in less than a week!

another bed cover with beautiful embroidery
in the left hand corner you can just see part of a pillow case

the embroidery shop , with all my men!
I am clutching a handful of threads, a gift from the shop owner

and, finally

a close up of the vintage sewing machine

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