Saturday, 12 December 2015

a diversion to Mandu

Before we left the Indore area and set off to Bundi, to break the journey a little, there was the unexpected chance to visit the ancient site of Mandu in Madhya Pradesh.     An area first settled in the 5th century on a plateau overlooking a deep ravine with the river Narmada flowing in the valley below.

All the hotels were full, however, the Ashram had rooms.   Basic but clean, the extra bonus we discovered early morning.    The temple 'wake up' machine was a bit too close for comfort.   So much clashing and banging!

Obviously an early breakfast before we set out to explore.   Mandu Fort area is huge.   Everywhere there are old buildings, palaces, mosques, caravansari, temples etc.

Some in good condition, others were crumbling, the jungle claiming them.    The fort was occupied variously by Hindu and Muslim rulers.   The Marathas were the last before the fort was abandoned in the 18th century

the pool and water channels on the roof of the royal palace
imagine rose water and petals

interior walls with remains of wall painting

window design

Malik Mughiths mosque (1432)

                                                          remains of wall decoration 
carved stone with inset glazed tiles

Dai-ka-Mahal mosque

tiled decoration around the dome

It had taken us most of the morning walking from site to site, then having a good look round.  It was hot, time for chai and lunch.    In the afternoon a drive around, stopping off at a few more ruins.   You could spend a week here without seeing everything!

a new tractor for Diwali

we were invited to look at the house temple decorated for Diwali

it was very dark inside

decorated with foil flags and fairy lights

and, at the end of the day, my man at Rupamati's pavilion
the place to be at sunset - the highest point of the plateau
with Mandu in the background

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