Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Bundi to Pushkar

Bundi in the early morning sun, top middle, the castle - Rudyard Kipling described it as being built by goblins.  

Below, Newar Sager Haveli - with huge rooms and four poster beds.

Breakfast and suppers enjoyed outside in the gardens.

on the road

goats off to find good grazing ground for the day
whilst we stopped at a Dhaba for an early lunch

we chose stuffed paratha, dhal, curd and, of course, chai 
all freshly made so we had to wait while

if you were still hungry there was a fine selection of sweets or crisps

all the fun of the fair, if we were stopping

four more hours to go before we reach Pushkar to see the famous Camel Fair
amazingly we have never 'done' this tourist attraction before, so a first.

We stayed at a small hotel owned by Samshu's friend.   Very basic, but clean and away from the hustle and bustle of town.   So many tourists and sadhus!!!!  In the morning we strolled around the Mela Ground which was much smaller than I thought it would be

there were camels

beautiful dancing horses

nice girls

and cheeky ones

good grief, what a mess they made of the henna painting

my right hand was decorated on the back
that design lasted for well over a week
the one on my palm has only just disappeared

no photos of Pushkar would be complete without a grim looking holy man, a holy cow with an extra leg attached to it's shoulders, and the sadhu who rushed over demanding money
in the back ground the Indian Metro Dragon Train

We have stayed in Pushkar before, just one night, a few years back.   My advice is to avoid sadhus offering marigold flowers for fear of finding yourself by the holy lake doing puja and handing over a wad of rupees.   It's a Holy town, you can have any drug of your choice but no alcohol.  It was going to be our wedding anniversary the next day - my present, a taxi to Jaipur, a good hotel, supper and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate!

20/11 - 21/11 2012

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