Thursday, 17 December 2015

shabby chic

The Royal Palace at Ghanero is a great place to have a rummage!

last year I took a photo of an old cushion, faded and almost thread bear,
just for the record   - it's 'disappeared'   

then I found four applique cushions

all show signs of wear and tear

fine cotton applique on a faded linen base
with excellent patch

some raggy and grubby bits

faded glory and interesting
additional stitching

wear and tear

typical applique from Rajasthan
in style, stitching and colour

I love the freedom and spontaneity in the cutting and stitching; the little
padded circles and the simple embellishment of the shisha

may be a little applique piece might be stitched over Christmas!

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Radka said...

I have enjoyed your pictures, as always :-)