Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Pushkar to Kempur

Even we tend to forget how big Rajasthan is.   Roughly the size of France!
Our next hop is another four hours but on good fast roads, admittedly with
crazy traffic, lorries, cars, the odd cow crossing the road.  However, there
were two days to relax in a small village at our friend's haveli, Rawla Kempur
also known as The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel.

It's being transformed since our first visit.   Then there were still signs of 
props from the  original film.   Now there is a new restaurant and the huge
hole ready for a swimming pool.   In the evening we watched Marigold
Hotel Part II which seemed very strange indeed!

Nobody about, apart from Nintin the manager plus a cook and the 'boy'.
Mustn't forget the painters, with their wobbly ladders and good intentions.
We discussed future plans and gave suggestions.   Within a year it will
be a fabulous retreat away from the big cities

the courtyard with the marigold symbol still on the wall

our veranda - perfect for writing up my journal, reading and happy hour in the evening

up on the roof - lovely window seats to catch a cooling breeze

on the opposite side the place to watch sunrise with your morning chai

one parrot and three cupolas

a tree just outside the entrance with a huge bee hive
wild bee honey is just delicious

22/11/15 - 25/11/15

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