Thursday, 9 July 2009

Back home

A fond farewell to Naxos and Greece.  Yesterday so hot, 
seeking shade.
A five hour ferry trip to Pireaus, soaking up the sun whilst we can.
A picnic on board, juicy and tasty tomatoes, local cheese, olives,
liberated Greek basil, bread from the local bakery, yum. 

Today, washing and ironing (lots of brownie points).  Good old UK.  
You leave and miss a heat wave.  You return and it's back to
 the grey, with the bonus of the garden, despite said heat 
wave, very green and in desperate need of weeding, grass 
cutting etc.  Temperature difference at least 15c.   
One good reason for tackling the laundry - hot and steamy.


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sandra wyman said...

It may not have been India but it looks as if you brought lots of inspiration home with you. Thanks for your comment - hope to bump into you at FOQ.