Sunday, 12 July 2009

Temporary workstation

Yesterday, Dyeing Day workshop.  Alas, grey and damp, or a
 'soft day' as they say in Scotland.  No indigo vats to go, 
although  there were glorious splashes, unintended or not,
 of colour with Procion dye.  Probably the best way to 
spend a gloomy summer Saturday - with friends, students,
 plus pots of dye.

So, still energized after our Greek sojourn, I awoke bright and 
early ready to dismantle my workroom for some necessary
refreshment, and refurbishment.  Some bits in conservatory, 
the rest covered with dust sheets, in situ.

Pictures removed, holes in walls filled.  Up early tomorrow 
to carry on the good work.  It will be grand when it is done!
Meanwhile, I have my 'new' work area to play in whilst waiting
for the paint to dry.

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