Thursday, 2 July 2009

lazy days

resting, swimming and sunbathing.  No stitching
involved.  My hands are gradually looking dye free.
Lots of reading.  One book read - The Return by
Victoria Hislop.  Thoroughly recommended.

Today we actually managed some exercise.
We walked a mile along the coast to Agia Anna.
A little harbour, lots of fishing boats, tavernas,
and golden beaches.  The sea is turquoise,
and deep blue, with shades of light olive.
Nice combo - hmm shibori.  

A fine selection of shells - I particularly like the icons.
(but will one fine it's way to the UK? Can I resist?)


jude said...

that sea is very shibori. the dye may have left your hands but not your heart.

sandra wyman said...

Those shells have shibori potential too!

Carol said...

I am sooooo jelous.