Saturday, 27 June 2009

Another day with the dyes

Dyeing days - Part III.  

Friends 'making a mess at my place'.  Lots of shibori and Procion 
dyeing going on. Homework done, stitched pieces ready 
to go.  Gorgeous day - dye pots set out for action. 
There was plenty of that, plus a bit of tray dyeing, screen 
printing, and anything else that came to mind.   We had a blast.

Come mid day, the weather being absolutely perfect, 
an indigo vat prepared.  

Hilary, these prints look gorgeous.

At the end of the day, vat still productive, Mr. R. even felt 
the need to refresh his wardrobe.

Mr. R  and I are now going to throw some cloths in suitcases,
and tomorrow fly off to Athens.  Early morning ferry to Naxos,
and relax.   Which is good - my hands (and feet) are somewhat
splattered with dye, so I will come back refreshed and cleansed!

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jude said...

have a great trip!